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Delusion Responsibility: An Antidote To Suffering, Maybe.

Life is inherently filled with suffering.  Suffering comes in many forms, big and small. I imagine that you can name many variations of them: losing a loved one, falling out of love with your partner, being late for work because you missed the train, losing your job, getting a flat tire, having your taco shell

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Failing Forward

I suck at surfing. Surfing is a challenging sport to perform; it requires a high degree of endurance and balance, it’s incredibly exhausting, it’s scary when ten-foot waves are crashing on top of you, and during the chilly autumn season here in Canada it can be pretty uncomfortable getting in and out of the water. 

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Not A Laughing Matter: A Reflection On Joker

Quick Disclaimer: This is not a review of the movie “Joker”, I will save the judgments on the film itself for all the cinematographers and storytellers out there. This instead is a character reflection on the movie Joker’s titular character, the Joker (Arthur Fleck). The movie Joker made me feel uncomfortable. The movie Joker is

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O Brave New Matt (An Introduction)

O Brave New Matt, that has such ideas in it. Let’s start at once. Dedicated to my future self, and hopefully to yours. Dear reader, I am writing this to introduce you to a new creative endeavor I am embarking on, and to also introduce you to a new me — a bravenewmatt who is courageous, open-minded,

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