Author: bravenewmatt

The Importance of Choosing Your Battles

Want to change the world? Choose your battles wisely. There are so many battles that await us. Battles like climate change, gender and racial equality, economic disparities, access to healthcare and education; if I were to list them all, this blog post would be much too long.  These battles are essential; winning them will progress

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Want To Achieve Your Goals? Stop Talking About Them

How to use humility as your greatest tool for achieving your goals. We live in a world where we can have everything that we want.  Not only can we have everything that we want, but we can have everything that we want right now. Modern-day technology has given us unprecedented accessibility to having whatever we want,

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Delusion Responsibility: An Antidote To Suffering, Maybe.

Life is inherently filled with suffering.  Suffering comes in many forms, big and small. I imagine that you can name many variations of them: losing a loved one, falling out of love with your partner, being late for work because you missed the train, losing your job, getting a flat tire, having your taco shell

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