How To Start Living Your Dream Life Today

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The best way to live your dream life is just to start living it. 

We all have dreams of how our ideal life will look. We fantasize about the dream job that will make us fulfilled, the place we will live where we will be at peace, and the people we will surround ourselves with that bring us joy.

So many of us have a grand-eos dream life, and rightfully so. Why wouldn’t you aspire to have the most abundant life you could live? The caveat is, the grander the dream, the more likely it scares the dreamer.

It is a crying shame that so many people go their entire life without actualizing their dreams. I believe the reason this happens is due to fear, specifically, the fear of not being enough for those dreams.

Dreams scare us because we often don’t feel ready for them. We feel as if we don’t have the necessary prerequisites to actualize them; experiences, talents, credentials, etc. 

It can seem like it would take a lifetime to obtain the prerequisites for living our grand dream life. Therefore we believe that we are never ready to start living them. 

I’m writing this post to purpose to you the idea that the above statement is false.

You can live your dream life today.

My dream for a long time was to become an entrepreneur. I have always aspired to be someone who can offer innovations to contribute to a better world, all while living free from the incarceration of a 9-5 job.

For many years I wasn’t living this life because I was scared I was not enough for it. I lived a non-innovative, non-free life in a 9-5 job that I wouldn’t say I liked, waiting to check off the prerequisites from a list that was keeping me from living the dream life I wanted.

This “list” was full of beliefs like: If only I had a little more experience in this area. If only I had that business certificate. If only I took all these online courses and read all of these books that I heard entrepreneurs should be reading. If only I did all of this, I would finally be ready to be an entrepreneur and live my dream life. 

This list kept me from starting, though it did teach me a lesson. I discovered that every time I checked off a prerequisite from that list, another item seemed to be added to the bottom of it.

These additions weren’t because the demands of being an entrepreneur were rapidly increasing, thus requiring more experience. Rather, the list was getting longer because of my fear of never being enough for my dream. No matter how much experience I gained, It was never enough to make me feel enough. I never felt ready.

I was set free when I realized that I would never be “ready” for my dream life. Nobody is ever ready for their dream life. What separates those who obtain their dreams from those who don’t is the courage to start despite not being ready. The courage to overcome the fear of not being enough. 

To live your dream life, having courage is more important than having experience. 

Upon this realization, I made the decision that I no longer wanted to defer my dream life, I want to live it now. Despite the stars never aligning for a “perfect time” to start, despite not feeling ready, and despite being scared – I was going to start anyways. 

I threw away the prerequisite list, and I started.

I decided to shift from an aspiring entrepreneur to becoming an entrepreneur overnight. I stopped dreaming about how I would start my first business, and instead, I started it. Now a year and a half later, I’m two businesses deep and so much more experienced. 

Sure, I’m no billionaire Silicon Valley CEO, I am not reaping the rewards of the dream yet, but I am living the daily lifestyle of an entrepreneur. I am practicing my innovation, and I am living free under my terms. 

My everyday life is that of an entrepreneur and no longer that of someone who wishes to become one. I no longer dream about my dream life; I live it. 

You can live yours too. 

Here’s how:

How to live your dream life

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Accept that you are not ready, but start anyway.

The belief that we cannot start because we are not “ready” is so ingrained into both our conscious and subconscious minds; it paralyzes us from taking action on our dreams. 

Only the second half of that statement is correct. We may not be ready, but that doesn’t mean you cannot start. 

Stop procrastinating

To obtain your dream life, you need to stop procrastinating right now.

You need to stop making lists of prerequisites of things that you need to accomplish before you can start. There is no bottom to that list. Once you check one item off, another will be added. The reality is, there will always be more that you can do to prepare, but the more time you take preparing, the less time you give yourself to act out what you really want.

Even if you did hit the bottom of that prerequisite list, you now spend years of your life preparing instead of living. It could take you 20 years from where you are now to finally be “ready.” Are you really “living” your dream if you only get to enjoy it for a fraction of your life? Do you want to be “sometimes living your dream” or “eventually living your dream”? 

The root problem of not living your dream life isn’t a lack of experience; it’s a lack of courage. 

The more time you spend preparing for your dream life, the less time you get actually to live your dream life.

Instead, start, and check off those prerequisites as you go. You can learn, gain credentials, and develop your skills as you go.

Stop aspiring; start doing.

It would be best if you stopped aspiring to live your dream, and start actually living it.

I see so many people with online bios saying “aspiring _____ “. The only person who is giving you that title is you because of a false belief. Don’t confine yourself to such a label, don’t hold yourself back, and don’t show others that you are holding yourself back. 

If your dream is to be an actor/actress, stop saying you are an “aspiring actor/actress.” Instead, book your first audition – guess what, you are an actor/actress now.

If you aspire to be a YouTuber, go make your first YouTube video – you are a YouTuber now.

If you aspire to be a musician, go write your first song and play it at an open mic event – you are a musician now. 

If you are taking action on your dream, you are not “aspiring,” you are doing. 

Never settle.

It’s risky to take action on your dream. It’s even riskier never to take action on your dream. 

Don’t let the fear of never being enough make you complicit with living a suboptimal life. 

It may sound cliche, but you only have one life. If you have a grand dream, go live a grand dream life.

Start living your dream life today.

You aren’t ready, the time isn’t perfect, and you may be scared – that’s okay.

Start right now, anyways. 

I mean it – close this blog post right now and take your first step. 

I believe in you,


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